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Anis Trend > Channel Baling Presses > Single Pre-press Flap Baler series

Single Pre-press Flap Baler series

For Multi-purpose use

The pre-press baler line contains all the developments from ANIS »PREMIUM line« shear baler with the addition of pre-compression flaps and provides extremely heavy, homogenous and compact bales. It is equipped with the shear blades and pre-pressing with two options: Single Prepress Flap – at the rear of the feeding opening, or Double lateral Prepress Flaps – on the both sides of the feeding opening.


  • The material is fed into the press-box via a pre-press system to ensure optimal filling.
  • eliminate the need to cut excess material with the knives, which reduces component wear as well as the risk of shutdowns.
  • saves on spare parts and optimize bale density with significantly lower power consumption and safer and more efficient system operation.
  • The material density in the compression chamber is increased by 30% which reduces the number of cycles in bale making.
  • No need to worry about the position and sharpness of the shear blades. Namely, a worn or improperly positioned shear blades would not cut off the material as it should, which is necessary especially for baling the plastic film large size paper grades.
  • Provides lower power consumption than shear balers.
  • Maintenance costs are much lower because there are no cutting / shearing parts that need to be replaced regularly, guide strips and wheels last a lot longer as a result of the reduced load.

With the ANIS control system, the operator only needs to select the type of material grade to be processed. Once selected, the system decides whether the pre-compression flaps are required, resulting in the material being processed in the most efficient and practical way.

Working principle:

The single vertical pre-press flap in the feed opening closes before the ram finishes the press cycle. Because of this, optimal weight-homogenous, well-shaped and stackable bales are produced without the need for cutting. The single big flap absorbs the vertically occurring forces well. As a result, difficult-to-press materials can be processed as well.

Double Action (Preflap & Shear) Technology

Baler series with Single pre-press Flap is available with hopper sizes, feed openings and power units tailored to suit the application in hand.

  • Press ram on big wheel and HARDOX® wear plates linings
  • Pressing force: 60-142 Tonnes
  • Bale size: 1.100 x 750mm, and 1.100 x 1.100 mm
  • Power units: 45kW, 55kW or 2x30kW, 75kW, 2 x 55kW
  • Feed opening length: 1.600mm
  • Pre-compression flap force: with peaks of 60 tons

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