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Conveyor Belts

Transport solution in a customer specific manner

ANIS conveyor belts are tailor-made for each individual application and designed for processing all materials: plastic materials, refuse derived fuel (RDF), municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste, waste paper and blocks of waste paper.

For strong output

Chain Belt Conveyors

Stable and heavy duty build combined with high option flexibility

Heavy duty

Steel-plate Conveyors

Robust steel-plate conveyors for abrasive materials

Specific purpose

Sliding Belt Conveyors

Customer- specific purposes enable optimal adjustment.

All ANIS waste conveyors have specific features essential for professionals operating in this sector:

  • They are extremely robust conveyors, able to work with heavy loads. Depending on the material to be transported, three series of conveyors have been designed which meet the various load requirements of the operators.
  • Thanks to the efficient laser-cutting construction, the conveyor belts are manufactured on a modular principle and thus the lengths can be changed any time without having to completely replace the whole machine.
  • As with all ANIS products, a series of features added to the various components make it possible to minimize the risk of jammed material and to reduce maintenance operations to a minimum, thus reducing costs.
  • ANIS conveyors can be driven with frequency inverters to enhance motor performance, thus reducing energy consumption and speed regulation.
  • Chemical- and oil-resistant rubber (when appropriate).
  • Dimensions adjusted to the baler and space requirements.

Installation situations of the feed conveyors

1. Inclined feed conveyors for the balers have two installation options:
• in a pit or under-floor version
• a surface or above-floor version

2. Under-floor version 

(in a pit)

Is practically recessed for precise adjustment to requirements and easier, faster filling of the conveyor belt.

The bulk material can be pushed directly onto the belt.
No device with a lifting shovel is required.

3. Above floor version

The conveyor can be expanded by increasing the side walls to a material-feeding location.

The lifting device with a grabber or a shovel is needed to fill the feeding conveyor.

Feed hoppers are designed depending on customer requirements

»In contrast to the underfloor version, this design is also available as a mobile solution.«

ANIS provides customized advice to customers on the options of bulk material transport and consider all project requirements.

Please contact us for more information regarding our services. We will help you to find the right solution for your needs.