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Accessories for optimum bales production

Accessories that optimize bale production and facilitate bale disposal according to the customer‘ needs can be incorporated into the balers. Choice of accessories depends on which materials are being processed and how frequently the materials for baling are changed.

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Baler Accessories Configurator (click on a dot)

Pick from the folowing

Bottle perforator

The perforator for PET plastic bottles punctures and extrudes the air from the bottles for high-density,…

Ruffler (Material Distributor)

The material distributor (often known as a fluffer or ruffler) is retractable and used to break up compacted newspaper…

Stamper (Material Blockages remover)

An unjamming device called a “Stamper” is designed to automatically clear jammed material from in front of the cutting edge…

Bale exit guides

The channel baling press can be fitted with additional modified bale exit devices such as…

Plastic wire tying upgrades

A plastic wire tying unit equipped on ANIS balers has been designed especially for plants that produce RDF and SRF…

Bale Density Control

The balancing density control system automatically monitors and adjusts the working pressure of the press…

X – Crosswise wire tying system

To hold the baled material together in uniform bales and obtain the best possible bale weight for…

Needle Slot Covers

This lockable sealing at the needle holes prevents inconvenient protrusion or leakage of fine baled material…

Wire coil holder and wire guide systems

Depending on the customers’ needs baling presses can be delivered with three different wire coil systems…

Hydraulic wire tensioner

Optionally, the Big Coils System has the possibility to install a hydraulic wire tensioner


ANIS can design and supply feed hoppers integrated with shredders, tipping devices, air conveying systems, etc…


Diverter flaps are used to divert material from a baler when the baler is under maintenance or faulty to avoid production…

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