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Which Industries Need a Recycling Baler

Recycling balers have proved to be cost-effective waste management methods across different business sizes in the UK. They are time-saving, brilliant, low-cost, and space-saving equipment.

But the question is, can any business manage its waste using these recycling balers?

The public expenditure on waste management in 2021 rose to 9.13 billion British pounds. With small and established businesses compacting their wastes with these machines, they’ll spare more space and earn more when selling the recyclables.

Although recycling balers are essential to most businesses, some businesses can benefit more.

Let’s look at what a recycling baler does, the types of business that can benefit, and factors to consider when buying it.

What Does a Recycling Baler Do?

Balers compress recyclable waste materials into sizeable and manageable bales. They compress foam, plastics, cardboards, bottles, aluminium, and textile ready for shipment to a recycling facility.

When using these machines, small companies may not need collection bins. Also, large businesses can gain more by selling recyclables in large quantities.


Recycling baler
Recycling baler


Industries that Need a Recycling Baler

The availability of recycling balers in different sizes, shapes, and varying costs makes them suitable for most businesses. Here are prominent businesses that need recycling balers:

Distribution Business

Both small-scale and large-scale distributors deal with thousands of cartons and cardboard every day. With time, the massive accumulation of the cardboards becomes a nightmare leaving the distributors with no option but to dispose of them.

But why not turn them into cash by baling them and selling them to a recycling agent? Equipping the business with a mini baler can help deal with the massive cardboard quantity in an eco-friendly manner.


Operating a busy warehouse requires careful use of every inch of space. However, wastes from scrap metals, concrete substances, masonry items, and vegetable matter can limit your space.

Considering that it’s difficult to eradicate these unwanted materials manually, investing in a baler will save time and create more space. The devices occupy a small space and can bale together voluminous wastes in minutes.


The hotel industry is among the most active businesses across the UK. On a normal day, they receive hundreds of cardboard boxes from different ingredients and farm produce. As busy entities, they have no time to fold the cardboards manually.

Purchasing a small recycling baler can work a long way in reducing labour costs. The restaurant will not only be using safe waste management but will also gain from sold cardboard bales.


If you’re running a retail business, you know how managing wastes is stressful. With dozens of products being sold every day, it means you have to open up as many cartons as possible.

What do you do with the cartons and plastics, and how do you manage your shop space?

A few days with no proper waste disposal can fill up the entire retail shop. However, the use of plastic and carton recycling balers can make the waste disposal simple and efficient.

Garden Centres

Flowers and plants distribution centres require adequate plastic packaging. When soil, manure, and plants are delivered to the respective clients, the gardeners must dispose of the used packaging.

Since plastics are recyclable, these firms don’t have to throw them away with the rubbish. Installing a baler is a convenient method of managing wastes and making extra bucks for the gardening centers.

Manufacturing Companies

Whether it’s a small or a major manufacturing plant, the production volume will determine waste materials from raw materials. Don’t allow the wastes to accumulate.

It’ll create an unsafe working environment and could be detrimental to your workers.

But why dispose of the valuable wastes because packaging costs time and money? Instead, buy a recycling baler and get everything squeezed together, ready for sale in minutes.

Learning Institutions

Universities, colleges, and elementary schools accumulate papers, cartons, and food boxes in dozens of kilos every week. Discarding these organic wastes along with unrecyclable wastes is unethical and a loss.

Designating a small disposal point equipped with the baler will turn the wastes into cash.

Recycling Centres

Most recycling centres experience difficulties when transporting voluminous wastes from different points. The use of mini balers can reduce the number of trucks and employees needed to collect garbage.

Also, it’ll boost the recycling of commercial waste by the centre.

Printing Shops

Printing businesses deal with several papers shreds and large paper quantities. Disposing of shredded and unwanted papers each day in bins may not solve the piling challenge.

Equipping the business with a baler can simplify the disposal procedure and help tidy up the place.

It doesn’t matter how voluminous the papers are because it’ll compress them into small cubes.


Similar to restaurants, eateries experience high volumes of cartons. All ingredients and raw materials come in cartons and plastics and are later sold in plates. Where do you take all these recyclable materials every evening?

Fitting a mini baler can generate impressive income from compressed cartons. All you need is to find a recycling plant that’s willing to buy the compressed cubes at an attractive cost.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Recycling Baler

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), UK generates over 33.1 million tonnes of waste annually. This has led to the rise in demand for commercial balers to mitigate the looming waste management crisis.




Is any recycling bale good for you, or are there specifics that you need to check first? Here are factors to consider when choosing a durable and efficient baling machine:

Material Requirement

Baling machines are made for specific purposes. For instance, a plastic baling machine cannot compact aluminium, or cartons.

Before you start searching for these machines, first identify the waste materials from your business. The baler variety should meet your industrial requirements.

Also, purchasing a baler that can compress varying materials is a plus.


How many tons of recyclable wastes do you produce every week? Establish the amount of wastes generated over a week or days to understand how often the wastes need baling.

Furnishing your vendor with this information will also help them recommend the ideal baler.

How Much Space Do You Have?

Whether you’re running a warehouse or a restaurant, you need a spacious operational space. If the available space is small, choose a machine that will swiftly fit and allow things to run smoothly.

The operational footprint is key to a healthy working place. Discuss the space details with the seller and settle for a baler that fits the space.

Baler Cost

Balers are part of business assets and should not drive your business into financial troubles when acquiring one. Buy a baler that’ll be worth the investment.

Buy a bailer that’s within your financial ability and reserve the need for a bigger later. There’s always a baler for you out here.

Maintenance and Operational Costs

The primary reason for buying a baler is to reduce your workforce and save costs. However, you might still end employing more people when you buy the wrong baler for your business.

Ask the vendor how the devices are operated, people need to make the run, and whether its spares are available. A good machine should take less compacting time and few workers to oversee the exercise.

Machines require regular maintenance, and this could costs hundreds of pounds annually. A great vendor will commit to regular maintenance at a fee and provide you with spares when needed.

The reputation of the Baler Manufacturer

It takes thousands of pounds to acquire a reliable recycling baler. Thus, the history and reputation of the manufacturer are essential when buying the machine.

How long has the manufacturer been in business, and what do the online reviews say about the specific baler? Dealing with a trusted baler manufacturer gives you the confidence that you’re investing in a durable and worthy machine.

Their devices are tested and proven to be efficient in commercial waste management.

Installation and Operation Training

With or without an in-house engineer, understanding some installation and troubleshooting manuals can be complex. Thus, your prospective vendor should help you install the balers and offer basic training on operating them.

Depending on the type of training and the difficulty of operating the devices, a manufacturer can provide on-site or class training. The training is crucial for safe device operation and can minimize the number of times you need their expertise.

Round the Clock Assistance

Imagine your recycling baler failing, and you’re forced to wait for days before the technicians can solve the issue? No one wants to waste several productive hours awaiting maintenance service.

Close a deal with a company that offers 24/7 service and remote assistance regardless of where your business is. A quick turn will not only save you time but will help you meet your projections without frustrating your clients.

Get Your Ideal Recycling Baler from Anis Trend Today!

Does your business produce recyclable waste in bulk and don’t know where to dispose of or turn it into cash? Installing a recycling baler in your businesses can boost tidiness, improve storage, and save you time and money.

ANIS Trend is a trusted machine building company in Slovenia. For over 25 years, we’ve designed, developed, and manufactured thousands of brilliant and durable balers that help in waste management. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.