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Five Surprising Uses for Recycled Paper

68% of paper is recycled as of 2021. But have you ever thought about where that recycled paper goes?

There are so many recycled paper uses. Once you throw paper into a recycling bin, it becomes recycled paper that goes to a plant to turn into something else.

But what are some of the uses where you may see recycled paper products?

1. Tissues and Toilet Paper

Tissues and toilet paper are easily made from the recycled paper after it leaves the plant.

So how does this work?

They rinse the recycled paper a few times by a processor. This is what sterilizes the paper and gets rid of any and all dye that is on the paper itself.

Although some tissues and toilet paper are bleached (which is what gives them a white appearance), there are naturally coloured tissues and toilet paper as well.

You can specifically look for tissues and toilet paper that are made from recycled materials to make sure that you are doing your part in supporting the recycling industry and the efforts to go green.

2. Greeting Cards

Recycled paper is popularly made into greeting cards and stationery sets. Although not all greeting cards are made from recycled paper, there are many out there that are making recycled paper their main source of creating the cards. They also have cute stationary sets that have fun designs as well, even if they are recycled.

If you want to make sure that you are only buying greeting cards that are made from recycled paper, you can always check the back of the card. This is where you can typically find information about the making of the card—and usually, whether it is made of recycled paper or not.

3. Cardboard

Cardboard makes more than just a typical box that you may get from a pizza store or a packaging store if you are getting ready to move.

Cardboard has many different uses. You may see cardboard in a grocery store to package groceries—both in cardboard boxes and cartons as well as in bags. You may also see cardboard packaging for cereal, eggs, and more.

When you order something online, you will most likely get a package made from cardboard as well.


recycled paper


While not all cardboard is made from recycled paper, some are. Just pay attention to the back or the bottom of the cardboard to know more about whether it is recycled or not.

When you are done with any type of cardboard that you may be using, be sure to put it back into the recycling bin so that it can be used again!

4. Newspapers and Magazines

Many reading materials are made from recycled paper.

Although not all newspapers and magazines mention whether it is recycled or not, you can always call the magazine headquarters or the newspaper to see whether they are recycled.

If you want to continue paper recycling after you are done with a magazine or a newspaper, then you should always place the newspaper and magazine in the recycling bins.

5. Napkins and Paper Towels

In addition to recycled materials for other paper products, napkins and paper towels are also made from recycled paper. You may be able to find napkins and paper towels that are plain, or you could probably also find paper towels and napkins that have designs or add to your decor even if they are recycled.

If you want to make sure that you are buying napkins and paper towels that are recycled, you need to read the back of the packaging.

6. Construction

Although you may not realize it, recycled paper can be used for a lot of different construction materials. From various types of insulation in the construction industry to soundproofing, recycled paper is a must in the construction industry.

Using recycled paper in the construction industry can save a lot of money and other materials as well. You should be able to decide if the materials are recycled, if you look at the packaging or contact the industry creator for the materials.

7. Pet Bedding

When you think of pet bedding, you may think of dog beds or cat beds. However, pet bedding can include small animal bedding such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

This bedding is usually made out of a mix of paper and straw. This is a mixture that creates comfort for animals. There is no need for the paper to be brand new.

Using recycled paper for pet bedding saves a lot of trees and necessary manufacturing processes! This can help to save money as well.

Although some people may not like the idea of using recycled paper as bedding, there is no reason not to. The recycled paper is still put through a separate manufacturing process that cleans it and sanitizes it to be basically brand new. The only difference is that it is used paper in a different form and is simply being reused again.

The Uses of Recycled Paper

Although you may not know it, there are a lot of uses for recycled paper in our everyday lives.

From toilet paper to a magazine that you may read, a cereal box that you buy at the grocery store, and a birthday card you may buy for your niece, there is recycled paper everywhere.

Recycled paper products are everywhere.


Cardboard packaging auto-tie press


If you are looking to make more recycled paper products, you can contact us at Anis for the machinery that can help you.