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Top 6 Reasons to Use Baling Equipment

Did you know that economic activities and residences generated almost 2,337 million tonnes of waste in the EU in 2018?

Waste collection is an essential step in managing waste. Managing and transporting waste can be expensive. The aim of corporations is to reduce waste and in doing so, reduce the impact on the environment.

Getting the right waste balers and compactors can make all the difference in your waste management practice. Keep on reading to find out six reasons to use baling equipment.

What are Waste Balers?

A baler is a machine that compresses waste material into a bundle that can be easily stored or transported. The right baling machine can process the widest range of materials including paper, cardboard, plastics, domestic waste, or metal cans.


baling equipment
Baling equipment


Customized waste balers and compactors can be the right solution for your particular needs. Depending on the size of your business, you can consider small baling equipment or even used waste balers for sale.

Choosing the right waste baler can make all the difference for your business. You can have a horizontal or vertical baler with different loading mechanisms. You have several waste balers to choose from:

  • Medium or high load balers
  • Small production volume baler
  • Single pre-press flap baler
  • Double pre-press flap baler

With all these options, you need to find the right one that meets your needs. You need to consider your business, what type of materials you want to process, and the size of your location.

Six Reasons to Use Baling Equipment

Baling equipment is an investment for your business. This investment can end up paying for itself if you make the right decisions. There are several reasons to use baling equipment

1. Save Space and Time

Waste is bulky. It takes up a lot of space. Without baling equipment, it can reduce the efficiency of your business.

Baling equipment that flattens or compresses waste can ensure that you’re effectively handling your waste. Space is a valuable commodity and with baling equipment, you can maximize that commodity.

Waste balers and compactors take large quantities of recyclable material and compress them. This can be done quickly and efficiently.

Manually flattening and managing recyclable waste can take up a lot of time and labor. Using a waste baler can end up saving you time and ensuring that your employees are working efficiently.

2. Reduce Cost of Dealing with Waste

Transporting waste can be more expensive than managing waste. By reducing the size of the waste bales, you can reduce your transportation costs. It means fewer trips with more waste since the waste bales are going to be compressed into smaller sizes.

Compacted waste also poses less of a fire hazard, which can save you money in the long term and increase the safety of workers.

3. Generate Revenue

After sorting and compressing, waste bales can be sold to recycling facilities. Recycling facilities pay good money for recyclable material, especially plastic and cardboard. You can also rent out your waste baler to other companies in the area for a fee.

If you’re a small business, you can get together with your neighboring businesses to invest in a baler and split the fee. The waste baler or compactor is an investment in your business and the environment. It can end up creating revenue in the long term.

At the end of the day, a waste baler or compacter can end up paying for itself by reducing costs of transportation and generating extra revenue.

4. Be Environmentally Conscious

Managing waste efficiently and recycling materials shows your commitment to the environment. If you don’t manage your waste correctly, you can end up contributing to landfills and leading to increased air, water, and land pollution.

Waste bales also produce less dust, spills, odors, and bugs in your facility. Leaving loose cardboard and recycling in your facility can lead to contaminations. This means that recycling facilities will not accept your recycling.


In-floor chain conveyor & auto tie baler


Without a recycling facility, your contaminated waste will be sent to the landfill, and you’ll have to pay extra landfill fees. Using a waste baler ensures that your waste will not be contaminated and can be sent to a recycling facility.

A waste baler allows you to be environmentally conscious by keeping recycling top of mind. It ensures that your waste can be easily transported to a recycling facility so that the waste doesn’t end up in landfills.

5. Improve Reputation and Brand Image

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosure has become an important part of the corporate culture in the EU. More than 80 percent of major global companies disclose some aspect of their social and environmental impacts.

Investors are interested in knowing more about companies they buy from and what their environmental impact is. Protecting your brand image requires a commitment to the environment.

Using a waste baler can help improve your reputation as an environmentally conscious company. This voluntary approach can boost your image as a green corporation.

6. Customized Baling Equipment with Immediate Assistance

You may not want to consider baling equipment because of the size and storage requirements. This is not a concern if you purchase customized baling equipment. You can choose small bailing equipment or advanced bailing equipment, depending on your needs.

But the benefits of customized baling equipment don’t end there. With the right experts, you will receive immediate service and support. You will have expert technicians come on-site quickly and help you resolve any issues you may have with the baling equipment.

Remote assistance is also available to help you solve your equipment problem. You can get experts to provide professional training to your workers to ensure their efficiency.

Get the Right Experts

Now, you know everything there is to know about the benefits of getting waste baling equipment. You know that various types of waste balers and compactors. You also know how a waste baler or compactor can end up saving you money, generate some revenue, and improve your reputation in the industry as a green corporation.

Getting customized, advanced baling equipment can make all the difference to meet your waste management goals.

Working with the right experts means that you get a long-established design of waste baling equipment that works faster, reliably and offers the best return on your investment. Contact us today to discuss your waste baling options.