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Baling Equipment: How to Purchase the Right Metal Baler for Your Needs

In 2020, the European Union produced 225.7 million tonnes of waste. However, we’re doing our best to implement zero-waste policies, and as a result, less than a quarter of our rubbish actually ends up in landfills. Companies can do their part in reducing waste by integrating a scrap metal baler into their processes.

Metal balers compress manufacturing waste into manageable bales, making them easy to handle and move. And not only do they help reduce waste, but they also come with great economic benefits. Continue reading to learn how to purchase the right metal baler for your company’s needs.

What Is a Metal Baler?

For those that handle and transport manufacturing waste, a metal baler is an essential piece of equipment. This tool consolidates waste by crushing and pressing scraps into bales. This removes the need to manually collect waste, speeding up the process.


metal baler


Balers were originally created to collect and consolidate agricultural waste. However, the equipment is so efficient that it’s now used to bale several different materials, including paper, plastics, and scrap metal.

Parts of a Metal Baler

The essential component of a metal baler is its hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder uses pressurised fluid to force a metal ram into the material being compressed. As this is the workhorse of the baler, it’s usually built tough to resist high amounts of pressure, shocks, and side loading.

Manufacturing waste is fed into the baling chamber, which encloses and shapes the material. The ram presses against the chamber, crushing and forming the waste into bales. This component is built with thick metal to withstand constant force.

Most balers are equipped with conveyors and hoppers to help move waste into the chamber. Depending on the industry, your baler might also include other important components, including:

  • Pressing lids
  • Tip pans
  • Ejection rams
  • Automatic tying systems
  • Digital sensors

Types of Metal Balers

The most common type of metal baler is a single ram baler. They come in horizontal and vertical designs and can press multiple bales in a single segment. They’re capable of compressing many types of material, although they fall short with waste that tends to decompress easily.

For these kinds of materials, you might also see two ram balers. These are often designed to press on both the X and Y axis, allowing for equal compression on all sides. This makes two ram balers great options for high-density waste as well.

Other industries might require essential features. Companies working with liquid waste would want to consider liquid extraction bales to help remove the waste without compromising parts of the baler. Businesses that work exclusively with heavy metal recycling might use a ferrous baler, which comes with two or even three rams for the most efficient compression.

Industries That Require Metal Recycling

The type of baler you choose depends on the industry. There are many types of businesses that can benefit from a metal baler, including:

  • MRFs/recycling centres
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Paper mills
  • Insulation material manufacturing
  • Automotive and metal scrapping

When considering how to purchase the right metal baler for your company’s needs, take some time to think about the waste and conditions that are specific to your industry.

How to Purchase the Right Metal Baler

Purchasing a metal baler is not a simple decision; new equipment can run tens of thousands of euros. An option to circumvent the cost of buying new is to purchase a metal baler from another company. These tools can easily last up to 15 years due to their durable design, meaning you can reliably pick up a used baler for a fraction of the price.

Another option to save money on a baler is through a hired care company. This is a great alternative for companies that are constantly updating their processes and would like to see how the machine functions before committing to a purchase. Many hired care companies will even take care of the maintenance during your lease.

Whether you’re ready to purchase a metal baler or opt into hired care options, you want to work with a reputable manufacturer. Anis Trend has built auto-tie channel presses and feed conveyors for over 25 years and is one of the leading builders in the industry. You can view our equipment here.

Benefits of a Scrap Metal Baler

One of the largest benefits of using a scrap metal baler is the money it saves handling and transporting scrap material. With your waste consolidated, you’ll spend less labour time collecting and moving it. Additionally, waste companies are willing to pay more for easier-to-handle material.


Light Scrap metal baler


Compressing your manufacturing waste into bales is also a sustainable process. Many recycling facilities consider loose material to be contaminated, making it harder to reuse. The practice results in fewer trips to and from the dump and keeps loose material from dispersing into the environment.

Other benefits of a scrap metal baler include:


Before you buy a scrap metal baler for your factory, you want to consider the lifespan of the machine. With the constant pressure these tools experience, you want to keep up with proper maintenance. This includes regularly checking fluid levels, hoses, and wire connections, and listening for any irregular sounds within the hydraulic cylinder.

As with any new process, you want to make sure your employees are properly trained to use the metal baler. This keeps the machine running smoothly and helps your workers know what irregularities to look for. More importantly, proper training will keep your employees safe when using the machine.

Baling Solutions for Every Business

When you’re ready to purchase a metal baler, consider your options with Anis Trend. Our baling solutions are driven by experience; with decades in the industry, we have customized baling equipment for every application, material, and requirement.

Contact us for more information on how we cater to your industry needs.