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7 Benefits of Waste Balers for Paper Manufacturers

Did you know that North Americans and Europeans use over two hundred kilograms of paper each year? Yet, only half of the paper waste produced each year ends up recycled. This may be in part because businesses underestimate the use of waste balers.

Everyone could benefit from the use of a waste baler, including paper manufacturers. The benefits of waste balers are largely unknown.

In this article, we intend to explain those benefits so that you can understand them. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be eager to ensure your business has its own waste baler.

What Do Waste Balers Do?

Waste balers, including paper balers, are designed to compress your waste into solid bundles of various shapes and sizes. No matter what type of waste you have, the process for these balers is essentially the same.

These balers cut down on the amount of waste a business produces, making it easier to transport. Some balers are designed specifically to assist in the process of recycling.

Baler options can come in a wide variety of sizes. Make sure you do your research to pick the right size for your paper plant.

Benefits of Waste Balers for Paper Manufacturers

Balers can be a very large expense, so we understand if you’ve been hesitant to purchase one. However, they have plenty of benefits that more than make up for the cost.

Having your employees handle any paper waste isn’t efficient for your paper manufacturing plant. It’s time-consuming, costly, and a drain on several areas of your business.


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However, if you research the types of balers and select the right one, you’ll see it will earn its money back. Whether the rewards are financial or increased productivity, a baler is good for your business all around.

1. Helps Businesses Save Space

A baler will help compress your paper waste into smaller, tidier blocks. This means that your waste will no longer be in cluttered bins and possibly overflowing into your work area.

These tidy blocks are an easy way to make sure you have more space for your employees to move. As your employees won’t be navigating around overflowing bins or watching to make sure they don’t slip on paper waste and fall, they’ll be faster. Faster employees mean higher productivity- it’s a win for everyone!

2. Increases Sustainability

Having a paper and cardboard baler means you’re dedicated to decreasing your waste output, which makes you dedicated to protecting the environment. This makes both the government and your customers happy.

Bales of paper waste are more likely to be recycled than loose waste and make it easier to get a recycling partner to receive that waste. In addition, having your waste baled means you will need fewer waste pickups. This lowers carbon pollution and helps you save on fuel.

Finally, owning a baler has a positive effect on your recycling rates.

3. Increases Workplace Safety and Health

Baling your waste rather than leaving it loose increases health and safety in the workplace. Loose papers will find their way to the floor at some point, which any employee could slip and fall on. In addition, wind can make smaller pieces of paper blow into your machinery, causing it to malfunction.

Baled waste produces less dust than loose waste, which means your employees won’t be inhaling it and hurting their lungs. In addition, baling your waste reduces the chances of something catching fire.

Finally, baled waste makes it easier to practice good sanitation.

4. Reduces Landfill Waste

If you don’t have a baler, waste can get lost or improperly mixed. This means it’s not eligible to be recycled anymore and needs to go to a landfill.

In addition, loose waste can be rejected for recycling based on the presence of contaminants such as dust, chemicals or pests. Baled waste has no such problems.

Having a baler ensures your waste is prepared to be sent to a recycling centre. This keeps landfills from being overcrowded and boosts your reputation as a green business.

5. Reduces Labour Time

If you don’t have a baler, that waste needs to be packaged and sorted by your employees. They can’t manage as much waste this way, which means a great deal of time is spent taking care of waste.

With a baler, your paper plant can manage waste much easier. This saves your employees time and effort. This time and effort can now go to other things that your employees are more needed for, which will increase your productivity levels.

6. Can Increase Revenue

Apart from the increased traffic you’ll get from your new reputation as a green business, you can actually make money off of recycling! There are plenty of businesses that will pay to recycle your paper waste.

Baling your paper and taking it to a recycling plant rather than a landfill will help increase your funds, so you can eventually earn back all the money you spent on that baler! You’ll see a quicker return on investments than you might have been expecting.

7. Can Track Recycling Success

Part of boosting your reputation as a green business is being able to tell how much you’ve recycled. With loose waste, it can be difficult to know the exact amount. You would need to take the time to measure each thing.

When it comes to having your paper waste baled, however, it’s easy to keep track of! This is because the baled cubes are fairly uniform in size and weight.

You’ll be able to report exactly how successful you are in your efforts to go green.

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Now that you know exactly how owning baler technology would benefit your company’s position as paper manufacturers, you must be eager to purchase a baler of your own.



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