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7 Benefits of Businesses Recycling

Globally, more than 400 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced every single year.

Although being environmentally aware as an individual is important, recycling as a business can make a big difference not only on the environment but can benefit the business in many ways as well.

We’ll tell you 7 great benefits of businesses recycling. Keep reading to learn more in this business recycling guide!

1. Recycling Reduces Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

The best and most obvious reason to recycle as a business is because of its impact on the environment. In today’s modern society, paying attention to your carbon footprint, green initiatives, and global warming is crucial to make sure you’re contributing positively to the environment.

Installing a recycling program in your business can reduce your company’s carbon footprint significantly. Recycling unused materials can also reduce your company’s overall energy costs.

2. Recycling Impacts Your Raw Material Costs and Profitability

Several companies will buy recyclable materials and turn them into raw materials. If your business creates a lot of recyclable waste, it can sell these scraps after production. Some businesses will purchase these materials at competitive rates.

Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you can make money back in certain areas of your business. As someone who runs a business, it’s important to look for creative ways to reduce spending.

Recycling is a fantastic way to do this.

Recycling can also save money through cost servings in other areas like janitorial fees. Custodial staff won’t have to spend as much time collecting waste and recycling from every desk, which allows them to work in more important areas.

All of these can have a significant impact on your business’s profitability.

3. Recycling Creates Positive Messaging For Your Brand

Having green initiatives for your business like recycling can help your business’s image in a positive way. You can highlight these programs on your business’s website or literature. You can mention:

  • What you’re recycling
  • Why you’re choosing to recycle
  • Where the materials are going

This type of PR is great for video marketing on platforms like email, social media, and press releases. Target audiences, customers, and clients all love to see that your brand is working hard to make a difference by making eco-friendly initiatives.



When your business is closely linked with a recycling program, it humanizes your brand. You can demonstrate how your business cares about the community that it is in. This is particularly effective when your business is in an industry that is known to be particularly wasteful and can make you stand out.

Some brands have even turned these initiatives into marketing opportunities. For example, certain fashion brands do textile recycling programs by having customers send in old clothes for rewards or discounts.

These programs generate buzz and interest while helping the environment. These tend to cultivate stronger customer loyalty in the process.

4. Recycling Improves Company Culture

Starting positive initiatives like recycling tends to create a more positive workplace as well. It creates a culture that pays attention to what it can do to make its systems and environment better.

This can create a domino effect that leads to higher employee satisfaction at your business. Having higher satisfaction can in turn lead to a workplace culture that attracts top talent to the business.

By attracting the best of the best to your business, your company can accomplish its goals more efficiently which can significantly impact its bottom line.

5. Recycling Supports Local Manufacturing and Creates Jobs

As a business owner, it’s essential to support the local community and economy. Choosing to recycle as a business doesn’t only help your business — it also supports manufacturing and recycling jobs in your community.

When recyclable waste goes directly to a landfill, it doesn’t just hurt the environment and waste resources. It can take opportunities for recycling professionals. This creates thousands of jobs for businesses in your community.

6. Recycling Encourages Innovation

Innovative programmes rarely end at just recycling. It is usually the first step in many new effective programmes.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to operate in the same fashion for decades and decades. But the truth is that when companies have no motivation to change, systems continue chugging along in an outdated or inefficient manner.

Recycling programmes can be the snowball that starts the avalanche. Leaders can start to revise different areas of the company once they see how helpful recycling is to their business and environment.

This can include:

  • Initiatives to cut energy costs
  • Changing product packaging to eliminate waste
  • Educating employees on productive strategies

By creating a culture that is open to new changes, you can ensure that you are prepared for the future.

7. Recycling Gives Opportunities For Cheaper Materials

Not only can recycling maximise your profitability on the back end, but you can also get cost savings on the front end as well. Many different recycling services have programmes where processed recyclable materials can be purchased at a discount.


Businesses Recycling


Using recyclable materials in your business’s operations can have several business benefits. Not only can you find significant savings over other materials purchased, but you also create a closed-loop recycling program.

This is a fantastic way to lower your carbon footprint, save money, and make sure you’re business is doing the right thing for the environment.

Making Sure Businesses Recycling Comes First

Those are the 7 great benefits of businesses recycling. Now that you know how impactful a recycling program can be for your business, it’s time to start implementing them where you work.

To do this, you’ll need the right tools and supplies to get better. ANIS Trend is an internationally known machine-building company that produces some of the best bale presses for waste materials in the world.

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