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The Pros and Cons of Baling Machines

Did you know that about 4.8 tonnes of waste were produced per EU inhabitant in 2020?

Businesses tend to generate a lot of waste. It can become a logistical hassle to determine what action to take with this waste once it starts piling up. As landfills overflow and cities refuse to accept waste products, you should consider waste recycling.

But without the right resources, transporting bulky waste to recycling centers can be challenging. This is where the baling machines comes in. To learn more about the baling machine, below is a comprehensive guide that highlights its pros and cons.

What Is a Baling Machine?

Also known as a baler, a baling machine is a piece of equipment used to compress the material into compact bales. This makes it easy to handle, store, and transport. The materials you can put into a baling machine include:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Scrap metal, such as soda cans
  • Textiles
  • Natural materials like hay

Pros of Baling Machines

The benefits of investing in a baler are vast. Here are several reasons why you should get these machines for your recycling.

Great Return on Investment

Bales of plastic, cardboard, scrap metal, and fabric are more valued than loose materials. Many recycling centers will collect and pay you for baled recycled materials. The baler tightly compresses and bundles your waste into similar cubes.


baling machines


Once you’re done, you can sell them to recycling companies for profit. Improving your baling rates can help you achieve recycling targets and make some money. Before you sell your baled waste, research the recycling centres within range of you so you can get value for your waste.

Saves Time and Storage Space

Hydraulic baling press machines can handle a load of waste without needing your employees to prep or tear down the material. This can save a lot of time.

Additionally, balers tightly bundle waste and keep your space tidier. You won’t have piles of plastics, scrap metal, or cardboard lying around. As a result, you can have more storage space.

Saves Money

Baled waste can be easily transported compared to loose materials. A baling machine can compact your waste, reducing the number of unnecessary trips during waste collection. Few vehicles coming to your premises means fewer fuel costs.

You can also save money on storage space and workforce hiring. What’s more, you can lower the landfill tax expenses if you send the waste to the landfills.

Enables You to Comply With Commercial Waste Management Regulations
Some regions have pre-treatment legislation that requires specific handling of recyclables. Using a baling machine allows you to separate your waste material to help comply with these regulations.

Enhances Health and Safety

Loose piles of recyclables have a great chance of exposure to odours, dust, spills or pests. As a result, many recycling plants will reject them because of the contamination.

A baling packing machine can create a compact bale of waste, reducing the risk of contamination. This allows for better sanitation. You can store the bales on your property without worrying about health risks.

Baling machines can also help reduce the risk of trip hazards and fires. Additionally, you can use them to present a cleaner environment to your clients and visitors.

Allows You to Grade Their Waste

Baling cardboard machines can help you have an accurate idea of the amount your business generates. This will make it easier for you to create a design for a comprehensive and profitable recycling process so you can generate more income.

The data from grading your waste can also help you make more informed strategies for waste disposal and management.

Protects the Environment and Your Brands Reputation

Waste management is becoming an area of concern for businesses. Everyone wants to know how your company handles its waste, from inspectors to clients. As a brand, you should look for a way to include recycling in your corporate responsibility guidelines.



If you do this, you can avoid the feared green-washing label. Using baling machines can ensure the waste you produce will be recycled. Recycling companies are more likely to partner with you if you have baled waste instead of loose waste.

Having a baling machine in operation can also show your brand’s dedication to protecting the environment.

Cons of Baling Machines

While baling machines can be beneficial, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. These include:


Baling machines have a higher up-front investment cost. But you can reduce the costs by renting or leasing the equipment from a producer. Research manufacturers to find one that provides affordable lease programs for renting balers.

Needs Regular Maintenance

A hydraulic baling press machine is heavy-duty equipment with electronic components and moving parts. For it to run well, it requires regular maintenance. It is advisable to service your baler at least each year by a professional.

When you don’t perform maintenance on your baling machine, chances are it will break down when you need it most.

Requires Comprehensive Training

Compressing plastic, scrap metal, and cardboard into a bale isn’t easy. It requires quite a bit of knowledge to do it the right way.

You will need to find a training program for the operating employees. This can waste a lot of your time and money.

Uses Quite a Bit of Space

While a baling machine can help you reduce the volume of cardboard waste, it can take up a lot of floor space. Ensure you have enough space at your facility to store this equipment.

Noise Production

Baling machines make noise when in use. The constant noise can be annoying and disruptive to employees working nearby.

Find the Right Baling Machine for Your Business

If you are a business that deals with plastic, cardboard, or scrape material, investing in baling machines is worth every penny. But first, you need to find a suitable recycling baler. Choosing the right baler comes down to your needs and budget.


Recycling Pre-press


When you’re ready to buy a baling machine, look no further than Anis Trend. We offer customized balers to suit your specific needs. Contact us to make a purchase.